Refunds & Rain Checks


After placing your order, please ensure you receive an email confirmation from our website; if you do not receive an email please check your junk-mail/spam folders before contacting us to confirm. This will ensure your order is in our system and will be ready for pickup as requested.


Sorry, no refunds. The resources and time it takes to make our amazing cleanses requires us to plan carefully, and in turn we politely ask our customers to do the same. It's not something to do spontaneously unless you know you have the time and the desire.


If you are unsure whether or not you'll like it, start with a one day cleanse and go from there. We are not responsible for a clash in schedules, or anyone's dislike of juice in general :-)


Your cleanse package will come in a charming green reusable tote. Please return this tote each day when you come to pick up your next package, so that we can utilize it again. As reward for your cooperation, you are more than welcome to keep your last bag :-)

Your cleanse will be ready by 7 am at the location of your choice on the day you'd like start, 8 am on Sundays. If you for some reason you see something incorrect on your invoice, let me know ASAP by emailing me at or calling me at 210-912-1120. I am available Monday through Friday, 8 am - 6 pm. If it is the weekend, please email us at

If for some crazy reason you are unable to make a pick-up, just let us know with one of the aforementioned contact methods. If we know you're coming the next day, we'll save it.

It is your sole responsibility to pick up your juice cleanse package every day. JuiceLand is not responsible for any unclaimed juice, and unless properly notified we will dispose of it at the end of the day, as our storage space is limited.

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Visit our website for more testimonials, FAQs and helpful links. You can also consult with our Cleanse Captain if you have more questions. Place your order online and let the fun begin!