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fresh apple juice • strawberry • banana • cherry • cinnamon • cayenne


As Austin’s first District-Approved, Parent and Teacher Led Community School. Travis Heights Elementary is showing what can happen when a community commits to building a school that helps children and families thrive without giving up who they are.

Donations will go toward Service Learning Projects focused on bullying, disabilities and nutrition education; Cultural Immersion Projects that incorporate bilingual and cross-cultural friendships to teach dual language fluency; Blended Learning Projects for tech programs are being piloted to customize skill levels taught; and Whole Child Development Projects that each character with social and emotional education, incorporating movement and nutrition, stepping into nature, and pulling from the rich talent of our local Travis Heights artists, scientists, and more.

Help us support this great cause!

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  • El Matedor

    orange • grapefruit • mint • ginger • honey • maté

  • Mellow D

    strawberry • watermelon • goji • chia • spiralina • lemon

  • The Silly Penguin

    banana • cherry • rice milk • almonds • spinach • cacao nibs

  • Annabelle's Juice Pick!

    HONEY BEAR + Cherry

  • Brennan's Nice & Easy

    Orange Juice • Celery • Coconut Water

  • Bryce's Juice Pick!

    TRI-PINNACLE + cinnimon & habañero (18oz $9.50)

  • Jordan's Juice Pick!

    orange juice • maté • honey • spinach • kale

  • Justin's Juice Pick!

    Orange • Carrot • Lime • Cilantro • Mint (18oz $6.75)

  • Kate's Juice Pick!

    VALLEY GIRL + Mint • Ginger • Cold Pressed Green

  • Mel's Juice Pick!

    light banana • coconut water • kale • maca •
    almonds • coconut oil

  • Rabekha's Juice Pick!

    COCOLILY + banana + mango + chlorella

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The JuiceLand Team

In 2001 JuiceLand founder Matt Shook took a break from swimming at Barton Springs pool to get a fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice up the street at the Juice Joint on Barton Springs Rd. While filling up on juice he also filled out a part-time job application. His life would never be the same.

He soon got a job and also found his calling, making fresh juices and smoothies for the people of Austin. After hiring several friends, including his future partner at Daily Juice, Shook worked tirelessly with his team to transform the little location into the best juice bar in America.

In 2011, Shook parted ways with Daily Juice and converted his locations into JuiceLands. For over 13 years, Shook and his merry team have kept Austin juiced. They currently have 10 Austin-area locations and one Brooklyn location, an online cleanse program, a record shop, and a uniquely Austin vibe spirited by creative and concerned employees.

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