Juice Cleanse Experience

through the roof!

-Last updated on 01-Mar-2012 11:14 AM

I was skeptic and now I am a believer. This was my first time doing a cleanse and I will be back. I only set out to do 5 days and I could have gone longer, and next time I will. No coffee, no food and all juice and my energy level was through the roof! By day 3 I felt I was treating my body to its first vacation ever. Almost like a spa for my internals - I felt clean and rejuvenated. One of the hardest things for me was going to work and trying to explain to people what I was doing. But just like me the skeptics started to believe. I got some wide eyed “are you f’in nuts” and by the end of the week, after seeing me zip around with a smile they were thinking I might be on to something here…and I am. Thanks to the entire JuiceLand staff – I feel good!


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