Juice Cleanse Experience

34 feels like 20 again

-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:06 PM

well i have always considered myself healthy, especially in my early 20's when i was a vegetarian and exercised often. but over the years(now 34) i have let my vices get the best of me. although i am not "overweight", i can easily tell that i have lots of extra physical baggage. a propensity toward good food and good wine lead me down the road that has signs posted along the way that said "eat better" , "clean up" , "be healthier" to which i turned a blind eye while trying to get the most out of that tank of gas I was running on. well, before the car breaks down, i figured i'd give it a tune up, so i embarked on a ten day just juice cleanse.

I will say it was a lot easier to do than i imagined and with better results than i expected. i did what the JuiceLand peeps told me and just stopped eating foods one Monday morning in December and just drank as much fresh juice as I could. I found that when I drank juice, I didn't feel tired, cranky, or very weird at all. I did feel those things when I wasn't drinking the juice often enough, I'd be feeling bad and then realize I hadn't had a sip in hours-(duh). I liked the non sugary ones like unicorn blood and love cleanse, but also liked to indulge in a ninja bachelor party or an aphex twin. it didn't seem to matter what i drank as long as i drank something. each drink hit the spot and did the trick, the spot being the rumble in my stomach and then trick being fuel i needed energetically.

at the end of ten days i found i had accomplished more than i would have with my normal diet (both at work and at home if you know what i mean,) and was sleeping and feeling better than usual as well. i freaking worshipped every bite of food i took for days after i came off the cleanse and generally crave fresher foods than i did before, emphasis on just putting good stuff in my tank. will probably do this again soon as regular maintenance and also next time i have a big project at work, like i said i got a lot more done than i usually do. all in all awesome experience and i highly recommend it.


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