Juice Cleanse Experience

Save Chris' Liver - Day 1

-Last updated on 29-May-2012 04:19 PM

So-so thus far -- i've cleansed in the past using maple syrup and lemon juice and the first day was a little touchy....I will say the variety of flavors is much better this time :-) thoughts of milkshakes and fried chicken have entered my consciousness off and on throughout the day... trepidation in consuming eight bottles of liquid displayed in a rainbow of colors and with catchy names like Tree of Life and Cold Shower.... the slight buzzing feeling i get after swigging a third of a bottle of the one of these powerful elixirs...is it the contents or my psyche that is tingling my nerve endings...??? I can see the day coming to a close - I'm still wondering what I do with all this new free time I have since I'm not driving somewhere to eat, asking where to eat, or just eating!


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