Juice Cleanse Experience

Post mono Liver detox

-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:13 PM

I think these cleanses’ are for people that are either *vegan *not muscular *or eat really unhealthy. The past four days have been a very unfulfilling experience. I am a healthy, muscular, big guy (5’10” – 190 -12% body fat) that is very active (weights, big runner) and eats healthy 95% of the time. I eat plenty of fish, shop at sunflower and vegetables are my friend. I did get sick this winter with Mono, so thought to end this horrible experince, i would do a cleanse to get rid of the toxins from beign sick for three months(Mono is a liver based disease). That being said, this experience has been anything but good. The cravings are out of control and debilitating. I have no energy on day four and really don’t want to drink anymore green slime. At night is the worst, I have gotten horrible sleep for three nights, and am zombie. I get a sick feeling in my stomach after I lay down, this is after the gallon of juices I have consumed(every 1.5-2 hours)over the day. Last night, i had to get up and eat some almonds (whole and raw - of course!) to settle my nauseous stomach. I have been CHUGGING water and normally consume a very healthy amount of water, but have been mindful to stay hydrated. This has not helped my growing, painful abdomen. This cleanse is for the BIRDS! I am total space cadet, can’t think on my feet and forget easy logic. I feel so much better when I eat healthy, stay active and accomplish things. I have not been able to complete projects at work and forgot about it in the evening. This was a waste of money. Juiceland - I’ll see you when I stop in to get my wheatgrass, but don’t count on me doing this kind of cleanse again. And at 50 bucks a day, you’re not exactly a bargain for feeling unaccomplished and shitty for a week.


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