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operation get this crap out of my system

-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:13 PM

The following is a day to day summary of my cleanse experience. I would mostly like to note that as a chef who works in a kitchen for a living that this was not as easy as my last cleanse doing the master cleane for 11 days when i was younger, worked 20 hours a week, and supplemented my income with "other" odd jobs. 2 days prior to cleanse - ate a diet consisting of moslty raw salads. still had a few beers here and there but hey, they were gluten free. Day 1 - screwed up the ordering of my cleanse so i took it upon myself to make my own juice and go by the juice peddler as i was determined to get started. i only had office work that day so not eating wasnt a big deal. once i got home and my roomates were eating greasy food and downing serveral of my favorite libations, i got slightly irritated and had some "cravings". Day 2 thru 4 - i had to create some recipes these days to meet a deadline. Long story short, i had to shove a made from scratch cracker topped with red snapper and shrimp ceviche, avocado, grapefruit, blood orange, and minced bell peppers into my mouth, chew its decadent flavor a couple times, then spit that bit of heaven out of my mouth and into the trash whilst my fellow employees enjoyed my creation. Getting through the days were not a problem at all. the juices are quite refreshing and delicious. Night seemed to be the most difficult time for me as, like i said, my roomates tend to eat not good for you but quite flavorful entrees and quality beer in never in shortage. i did notice my energy levels to be great as i spent hours after work working in my garden or cleaning house. Day 5-7 - luckiliy i had a few days off here. i would suggest, if you can, to take as much time off as you can during your cleanse to ease up on your body's workload. i guess that also, depends on ehat you do for a living and how stressful that job is. mine is quite mentally and physically streesful and i noticed when i didn't have to work the cleanse was simpler as i got to relax. i spent 5 hours mowing the yard, making planters, planting the planters, then watering my planters, and felt wonderful. Day 8 - after my days off and feeling good i went back to work and had a really streeful day. It took alot out of me and i decided that was my last day. Lots of shots and beers were in order but i waited till the next day for that. Day9 - ate raw salads again with alot of juice still and 1 beere that night. Day 10 - it was one of my best friends birthday so , needless to say, i ate great all day but got tanked that night till 3 in the morning. Sorry body!! all in all my cleanse was a great experience. a week almost 2 weeks later and i have been insprired to eat better, juice more, and drink less, kind of, than i did before the cleanse. Oh, i also lost 8 pounds as i was doing a colon cleanse at the same time. That is a story for another time. Be well everyone Day 2 -

matt shook commented on 05-Mar-2012 05:17 PM5 out of 5 stars
well played.


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