Juice Cleanse Experience


-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:10 PM

Five day cleanse; I had to travel on business and the mariott had no juice only kit kats and titos. I found the cleanse to be intoxicating and not near as challenging as I had anticipated. The first 3 days I found my energy levels to rise and fall but the rise came with great focus and the fall was overcome with more green hornet. Day 4 I got some small headaches but those were treatable with "make you holla" my favorite juice for jalapeno kills the hate. Day 5 I felt great; I slept through the nights and the added rest had me looking for trouble; the good kind. My libido was dressed in a tuxedo. I did work out during the cleanse and on the last day I required a call to port by downing an extra 22oz of holla... sure you're not supposed to do that but it was day 5 and Shook didn't complain about the extra $12 in his pocket. Normally I only do things I'm not supposed to do, so consider this one small cheat a step in the right direction. The biggest challenge is not to jump over the counter at juiceland and start squeezing. Highly recommend.


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