Juice Cleanse Experience

Day Ten, Do It Again.

-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:09 PM

Really glad to have done the cleanse. Like others have written, the first day or two are tough, particularly if your first time but worth pushing through for the well-being that's apparent after a few days. Some initial personal findings: Fasting blood work performed at the begninning and at the end of the 10-day cleanse were remarkable for an impressive drop (from high to normal ranges) in both total cholesterol (256 to 188) and triglycerides (195 to 74); BMI dropped from 22.9 to 21.6 (calculate at: www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi)./p>

I did cut back on workouts to some light cardio every other day. Some observations: There's an atunement to the body I'd not previously experienced -- an awareness and lightness along with increased mental clarity that fully kicks in about day 4-5; there's a new respect for my body and just what it can do when rested and given really pure nutrients -- e.g. the inherent healing capabilities of the body really became manifest to me over the past 10 days like never before -- especially once I saw my second set of labs. Also, I think I'll be much more intentional about what I eat from here out in light of acquired benefits (but, understand: 'am an enthusiastic omnivore, delight in supporting and sourcing from local farmers, herdsmen, vinters, cheese makers, etc., and, I'm looking forward to some good, pastured-raised, local, applewood-smoked bacon in a few days).

'Thankful to have the fast/cleanse as a therapeutic modality to turn to (seasonally, perhaps) when I'm feeling particularly icky. Thankful also of course to Leilani, Matt and all the super cool folks at Juice Land Austin for the goodness they provide. We Austin folks I think take for granted businesses like this -- note the post from a Houston-ite who traveled to Austin just for Juice Land and the cleanse.

Notes for next time: my body ended up doing poorly with blends containing any citrus or ginger. 'Likely will custom-blend something that looks like the Unicorn Blood Cleanse (deleting ginger from The Fountain). Prefering the more alkaline blends, body felt really good after drinking juices with lots of dark, green leafies -- kale, spinach, etc.

Favorite overall remains Tri Pinnacle -- the fat from the avocado combined with the coconut water, etc., is creamy, yummy and satisfying. A word about the price: This is a bargain. I cannot imagine sourcing all the ingredients needed to juice each of the blends -- not to mention the time and trouble of actually doing it, bottling them up for easy portability, etc., for anywhere near (let alone less than) the 50.00/day (discount, if you do the 10-day) it costs from Juice Land. As with any drastic, health-affecting change, 'recommend checking with your physician if you have questions about whether or not a regimen like this is right for you. That said, I think it would be the rare person that would not respond positively.

Please see the movie noted on this site, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" www.fatsickandnearlydead.com (instant view on NetFlix) for more complete info and a good story to boot.



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