Juice Cleanse Experience


-Last updated on 10-Dec-2012 04:07 PM

When my niece shared her juicing experience with me, I was incredulous and immediately rejected the notion. Having followed her lead in becoming vegetarian in 1993 and in eating raw for almost two months, however, I decided to follow my beloved "guru's" lead. It's been amazing! Today is my 16th day, and I plan to complete a third and maybe a fourth week. Interestingly, I never had headaches or cravings. Neither did I feel hungry. What's more, I attended several luncheons and dinners and simply drank water while others ate. It didn't bother me or my friends. One of the unexpected advantages was the time saved in shopping for, preparing, and eating meals; cleaning-up; and eating out. While I am enjoying juicing thoroughly, I would appreciate more guidance, more insight into the pros and cons of the cleanses and next-level juices, and a more user-friendly and efficient online ordering system.


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