Daily Extras

You can also add some extras to any of our cleanses below:

Green Hemp Milk 

A creamy, satisfying nut milk made from organic hemp seeds, purified water, spirulina, himalayan salt, organic vanilla and dates. Add this drink to your package to enjoy at the end of the day, for soothing healthy fats and amino acids. (Are you really active and worried about getting enough calories? The Green Hemp Milk will boost the caloric value of your package and provide that little extra something to power through your day. Not keen on agave? Let us know and we will leave it out.)


Looking to alkalize? This is the greenest of the green the JuiceLand carries, containing all the leafies we have to offer. Add this juice to your package for an extra low calorie yet nutrient dense punch. 

Herbal Colon Cleanse 

Triphala is a gentle, all natural herbal colon cleanser that we here at JuiceLand think is just perfect to take while juice cleansing. Mobilize your digestive tract and assist your body in flushing gunk from the system! Does not cause cramping or the emergency-like situations that some other herbal colon cleansers do, and it’s safe to take for long periods of time without adverse affects. Also available in all five JuiceLand locations. You'll only receive one bottle of this, there are many doses in one bottle.

West China Wellness Tea

Better known as Pu-er, an aged, living tea that acquires its unique health benefits and deep, earthy flavor from the natural fermentation of Yunnan tea leaves. Currently a coffee drinker? Switch to this tea for the duration of your cleanse instead. Pu-er contains a variety of complex phytochemicals, namely theabrownin and gallic acid, that have been found to reduce blood sugar and fat through a number of different mechanisms. It will provide you with a gentle buzz in the morning and help stabilize your blood sugar levels for nice smooth energy all day long.

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