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Leilani Galvan


My name is Leilani and I offer you my services as a guide on what can seem at first to be a daunting journey through the exciting world of juice cleansing and detoxification. For many years I have regularly used periodic juice cleansing as a method for counter-balancing the effects of a busy modern lifestyle, and I have found it to be imperative to maintaining my health and fitness. I'm happy to share what I know with you.

I was first introduced to the delicious health benefits of fresh fruit and veggie juice by my mother, who gave us fresh juice all the time as kids. When I was a little older, I heard the tale of how Mom conquered cancer, chronic back pain and inflammation with a strict regime of wheat grass, juice fasting, and enemas. So that's why she is so into this health stuff! Suddenly this whole juice thing became a lot more interesting to me, and thus began my own adventure in the world of juice cleansing and fasting, an adventure lasting many years and full of my own research, experiments, failures and successes. 

Today, I firmly believe that juice cleansing is like cardio exercise or taking a sauna: It's one of many effective tools that could be incorporated into any fun and healthy lifestyle. My mission is to de-mystify the detoxification process and help make juice cleansing available and possible for everyone and anyone who desires to reach new heights of health and wellness. 

Everyone here on the JuiceLand team wants you to enjoy your juice cleanse experience with us, and I am here to help! Feel free to drop me a line anytime. There is no question too big or small.

Cleanse On! – Leilani

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