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Juice Cleanse 101

What's a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a short term, fresh, raw, all liquid diet that is used to assist one in achieving their health goals.

You might have heard the term “juice fast”—we don’t really like it. A fast implies you’re starving your body, which shouldn't ever be the goal. Starving your body taxes it even further and around here we are in the business of building you up in the long run, not breaking you down.

A juice cleanse means you still receive plenty of sustenance, but in the form of wholesome, organic, freshly-pressed veggie and fruit juice. This gives your digestive system—including filtering organs like liver, kidneys, and gall bladder—a break from processing heavy proteins, fat, and other components of your diet that take a lot of work to sort out, giving you simply good, clean energy to work with. Toxins in the tissues are able to mobilize and be flushed from the body for good.

After a juice cleanse, especially one that’s at least 5 days, you should feel amazing, energized, and focused. You may notice you sleep better and crave better foods.

Why should I cleanse?

People do juice cleanses for all sorts of reasons, from kick-starting a new diet or exercise regime to reducing inflammation or soothing a sluggish digestive tract. With juice cleansing, you get results fast... You're most likely to feel great, lighter, and more clear headed than you ever have before, and you'll shed a few unwanted pounds as well. That said, the only way to maintain these results is with long term changes to your diet and lifestyle. Juice cleansing will get you there... staying there is up to you! Do your research, have a plan, and stick to it. You can cleanse one day a week, three days a month, five days every few months, or even longer cleanses a couple times a year, to help you acheive your goals. Each cleanse should be a spring board to a healthier, better-feeling you.

We could go on and on, but we think "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" does it better. This award-winning documentary is about how one man brought his body back from the brink with a 60-day green juice cleanse, and then went on to inspire others to do the same.

Before you start

The information provided on this website is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or physical ailment. It is important to talk to a doctor prior to cleansing if you have any medical conditions or are taking medication. We strongly believe based on our experience that a juice cleanse can do amazing things for your health and well being, but it is still not an excuse to delay a visit to your doctor or health care professional.

Get the facts

Is cleansing for everyone?

  • Pregnant women, individuals who are working through their eating disorders, and people under the age of 17 shouldn't do a juice cleanse just yet.
  • The elderly and the chronically ill should seek the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner before embarking on a cleanse.

Are there any side effects I can expect?

Every body is different, but there are some typical side effects to a juice cleanse that are good to know about and be prepared for. For the first two or three days detoxification is at it's most drastic and noticeable, as the body adjusts to the new regime. Feeling under the weather, having a headache, fatigue and minor skin blemishes are all common symptoms of detoxification, and should be embraced! This is your body doing the work. The more pleasant results of a juice cleanse are soon to follow, and usually include healthier looking skin, clear eyes, better awareness of the effects of certain foods on the body, clarity of mind, improved digestion, an overall sense of well-being, positive mood, and even weight loss if doing a longer cleanse and following it with a properly planned diet after.

Is it safe?

As with everything, if you do your research and cleanse sensibly, you should love your fresh juice cleanse. If you have food allergies, check our ingredients for each product, and of course, let us know—we might share prep space with things you're allergic to. Also, if you have other special dietary needs or you are breastfeeding, cleansing is not recommended.

Visit our testimonial section to see other people's experiences with cleansing. If you have any doubts, consult your doctor first. In many cases, a nutritionist will heartily recommend a raw diet to promote healing and recovery—that's pretty much what this is. Raw, freshly pressed fruits and veggies, with boosts of protein and amino acids.

You know what's definitely not safe? Eating the way most Americans do.


Plan Accordingly

We prepare your juice cleanse as fresh as possible so we require a 48-hour notice for all cleanses. We also do not give refunds for juice cleanses to make sure it doesn't run into any weddings, vacations, or holidays—only the gnarliest ninja cleansers can withstand cheating during these times. Check our cleanse commitments if you need an excuse or ideas on good times to cleanse.

Before you start

48 hours before your cleanse, take this time to simplify your diet and plan for your cleanse. Perhaps inform your friends and family "Hey, I'm going to be doing something awesome for myself, and eating out is off limits for a few," or something along those lines.

Focus on consuming raw fruits and veggies during this time increases the benefits and effectiveness of the cleanse. Avoid dairy, meat and flour products (like pancakes, bread, muffins, cookies, and tortillas) as well, and go for cooked whole grains and legumes instead. Also use this time to determine your plan of action for coming off of the cleanse, which can be as important as the cleanse itself. Set aside a couple days after the cleanse to eat simple and clean, the same as you did prior to the start of it, and as you ease back into normal eating consider what new healthy habits you might like to implement. It can be something as minor as cutting back on your coffee intake or limiting drinking to the weekends, or as major as a complete diet revamp.

Get Support

Do it together!

Juice cleansing is definately more fun when you do it together. Ask your boyfriends, girlfriends co-workers and family to join you. Better yet, buy them a cleanse gift card and they won't have an excuse!

It's go time!

Now that you've read through the basics of juice cleansing, take the next step and choose your goals and start your cleanse.

Questions? Comments?

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