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Ready, Set, Swim!!

Starts: 07-Apr-2015

Whether you're a Deep Eddy diva or a Barton Springs babe, the time is nigh my lovely friends for strutting your stuff in a swim suit. 

You're already looking mighty fine, but a 5 day juice cleanse will put a little pep in your step, give your eyes and skin a healthy glow and leave you feeling friggin' fabulous. You'll also shed some bloat and suddenly things look a whole lot friendlier in the mirror and your first dip in the public pool a whole lot more fun. 

JuiceLand makes it easy to cleanse! You just order online in advance and pick up fresh juice each day of your cleanse. No messy clean up, no hassle. It's a totally awesome and unique experience and juice cleansing is easily worked into an active and healthy lifestyle (or it can help get you there!).

So, sign up for this cleanse commitment and we'll send you a lil' discount code to show you we dig it. And better yet, get your bikini-bearing comrades to sign up too. Shucks, we even offer group discounts if you're interested. 

Cleansing together is fun, and instead of taco dates or boozing ya'll can go shopping for something itsy bitsy and adorable to wear poolside mid-April.

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