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Mullet Over: Party in the Back, Business in the Front

Starts: 02-Dec-2013

Are you like a pendulum that swings back and forth, always choosing to go headlong in one direction or the other?  If the middle path has never been your strong suit, then embrace the week of Thanksgiving wholeheartedly. Your overindulgent ways will be rectified in the week following by doing one of our signature cleanses. It’s all good to go first and last in line at Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy second helpings and celebratory cheers. Skeet shoot in the living room with champagne corks aimed high, bear hug mom, and coach NFL’ers from the couch. When you switch gears the following Monday and focus on a 5 day juice cleanse, it will once again prove your skill to sieze the moment.  

A challenge awaits and the results to back it, first fun with the family then a cleanse if you can hack it! 

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