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Homecoming Court

Starts: 17-Nov-2014

Whether you are the Black Sheep or the Golden Child, Thanksgiving always acts as an annual mile marker for individual accomplishments. Maybe Sister Suzy has been in building muscle in Crossfit for 6 years and Big Brother Bob has only been adding pounds behind the wheel of a golf cart in that same amount of time. And you are right in the middle of the two, not dabbling too much in either of those activities but choosing the middle path instead. Won’t it come as a pleasant surprise to the Fam when your shiny face shows up freshly cleansed and craving none of the bad foods that will surely grace the table? By embarking on a 5 day fresh juice cleanse the week before Thanksgiving, you will serve as an inspiration to the family as you tell tales of your new found willpower and healthy lifestyle choices. 


Mom and Dad did always know you were the smart one, right?

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