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Chill Out

Starts: 19-Aug-2013


Shoveling sno-cones down your steamy gullet may seem like an amazing idea, but it's actually heating you up. Your body overcompensates to raise that icy goodness to core temperature. Your heart — powered by sugar — beats faster, sending nice hot blood all over you. On top of all this, you get brain freeze, which feels like a hundred yeti pounding on your skull with their giant, frozen yeti fists.


Want to really cool your body down? Lay off the sugar and hard-to-digest foods for a little while. This lets your blood level out and gives your inner furnace a break, while still feeding your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. A 10-day fresh juice cleanse full of organic vegetables, fruits, and spices will help increase energy, decrease inflammation, and make you a lean, mean, chill machine.

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