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ACL Reboot

Starts: 14-Oct-2013

If you do ACL right, you might wake up sometime late afternoon on Monday on top of a pile of half-eaten corndogs with Lionel Richie passed out on your porch. You'll either be hacking up red dust or will be covered in sewage mud. And you'll most likely have a banging hangover from drinking lukewarm vodka iced teas for 3 straight days. Well done. That was an outstanding ACL.


But now you need to rejoin the real world and sort out this sluggish, got-drop-kicked-by-Zeus feeling you have. Guess what? A 5-day fresh juice cleanse will help considerably. You'll eject all that nonsense and regain focus and energy. You'll get your lovely glow back in time for your Halloween parties.


Oh and hey, if you do have Lionel Richie with you, he totally gets a discount.

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